Eden's Odyssey Series

Finn's Shot - Book One


Tired of the puck bunnies and one-night-stands, hot shot hockey player Finn Thompson is ready to settle down with Ms. Right. Then Finn meets Darcy Baxter, an artistic, free-spirited beauty who steals his attention the moment he sees her on a sidewalk in Chicago. 

They share a steamy rendezvous and although Darcy is content for that to be it, Finn wants more. Undeterred by her feigned disinterest, Finn pursues her with single-minded determination. Darcy continues to shoot him down because she knows the white-picket-fence-seeking Finn will never understand her involvement with Eden’s Odyssey, an elite private sex club, or her secret kink. Will Finn be able to come to terms with Darcy’s hidden lifestyle and prove to her that love can overcome anything? Or will Darcy’s true nature and Eden’s Odyssey be too much for Finn to handle?


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Tangled with Tyler - Book Two


Can an alluring escort with an unsteady future tame a big-hearted yet immature playboy?  From the moment they meet, their sexual chemistry is off the charts and it doesn’t take long for them to get wrapped up in messy feelings and issues neither of them is emotionally stable enough to navigate. 

Until recently, Aubrey was a normal college student only concerned with guys and grades. After tragedy strikes her family and the problems pile up against her, she’s forced to do the unthinkable and take a job as an escort at Chicago’s elite private sex club, Eden’s Odyssey. Her plan is working well until Bobby Tyler, the promiscuous, charming defenseman for the Chicago Blizzard becomes Eden’s newest member. 


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