Florida Veterans

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Saving Summer - Book One


Rising Hollywood star Summer Arden never in her wildest dreams imagined at forty she would be trading in her apron and coffee pot for movie scripts and makeup chairs. But just when she starts enjoying the perks of her new life, fate shakes things up again and her world is submerged in turmoil. Summer finds herself in need of a real-life leading man, one who can protect her. Save her.


Private sector warrior Mike Wade's job for the Security Six team is all he knows. Protect and serve has been his lifelong motto. When his childhood friend finds herself in a world of trouble, he enlists his team to protect the one woman who's always had a place in his heart. Blurring the lines between duty and desire is playing with fire. As danger rises, Mike realizes he'll do anything to save Summer--even if it costs him everything.

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Saving Stacey - Book Two

On the run from her abusive ex, Stacey Allen spends her days refilling coffee and wiping down tables, instead of using her finance degree crunching numbers. A low profile life is the only way to survive as she struggles to divorce her cheating husband. Having nowhere else to turn when trouble tracks her down, she accepts help from a mysterious stranger.

 Former Navy SEAL Hudson McCormick spends his days as co-owner of Sunset Security and his nights bailing his drug addict ex-wife out of bad situations, including one that leads him to a damsel-in-distress. He can’t help but be drawn to a woman in need, even if he doesn’t want to be. 

 The longer she stays hidden away in the sleepy vacation town from her childhood, the more she realizes how much she loves the simple life and the more her feelings for Hudson grow. Just when Stacey starts to feel safe, his past collides with hers, putting them both in danger. Hudson will do whatever it takes to save Stacey - even if it means risking his heart.

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Saving Simone - Book Three

Successful romance novelist Simone Sayer may know how to write the perfect love story, but she hasn't yet lived one. While her love life remains non-existent, the light of her life is her eight-year-old son, Gavin. Everything changed for them when one of her books was made into a movie, affording her the opportunity to write full-time. But she can't help but feel like something, or more likely someone, is still missing.

Army Green Beret Veteran Thomas Wade uses his skills as a bodyguard for hire at his brother’s firm-- Sunset Security. Because of his line of work, relationships have never been his thing. Bringing random women home was enough, until the night he meets a sexy stranger in a hotel bar. 

It turns out these two have more in common than being lonely. From chemistry to catastrophe, everything falls apart before it can begin. Just when they thought they would never see each other again, they find themselves in an untenable situation. Thomas will risk his life to save Simone, but it could cost them both their hearts.

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Saving Shay: Florida Veterans 4

Delicate and reclusive Shay Baird had a charmed childhood on a rural Florida farm complete with a picture-perfect family. Her youth was spent adventuring with the boy next door. Life was sweet and simple until Pax was removed from his home and her own life turned inside out. Shay now lives a solitary existence, with only her memories to keep her company. 

Navy SEAL Paxton Pearsal is no longer the little boy who barely survived his abusive parents. He’s a defender and protector, no trace of the victim he once was. When Pax returns home to claim his family’s land, he’s shocked to find a beautiful woman in the place of his childhood friend. Shay is in trouble and as much as he wants to be the one to save her, he enlists help from his friends at Sunset Security to keep her safe while he’s deployed.

The illusion of living a sheltered and quiet life is shattered by secrets from the past, leaving her vulnerable. When Pax returns from his final mission, he finds that everything has changed... except the way he feels for Shay.

**Please note this story was previously released in the anthology The Hero's Journey Home. This version has new content.

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Protecting Luciana: Florida Veterans Book 5

***SPECIAL NOTE - ***Protecting Luciana was formerly released as part of Susan Stoker's Special Forces World and is now part of my Florida Veterans series. It follows Saving Simone in the reading order.

Entertainment lawyer Lucianna Ortiz is a survivor. After a horrific incident nearly took her life, she lives on the edge of being afraid of everything and not feeling anything at all. Pulling away from the people she loves most, she takes a trip. But when Lucianna finds herself stranded on a St. Augustine beach, she's anything but alone. Devlin’s quiet blue eyes hold her captive and his capable hands make her feel... safe. 


Navy SEAL Devlin "Devil" Byrne went into the service after his little sister drowned. Just seventeen years old, a piece of him died that day too. Consumed by guilt, he keeps to himself, saving those he can and making amends the only way he knows how. When he meets beautiful and curvy Lucianna on the beach, he can’t help but be drawn to her brokenness, which mirrors his own. He learns that protecting someone is sometimes more about their heart than their body. 


With a new year on the horizon, and Christmas approaching, both are struggling to overcome the past before it takes them under. Devlin's about to discover that protecting Lucianna could be the key to saving himself.

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Rescuing Reya: Florida Veterans Book 6  

***Special Note***Rescuing Reya was previously published through Amazon Kindle World as part of Elle James Brotherhood Protectors World. 


Hospice nurse Reya Spencer is no stranger to pain—not even her own. Losing her husband in a tragic motorcycle accident put her life in a tailspin. Moments before the accident, she learned that her beloved husband had a dangerous secret. Now someone is after her and Reya has no choice but to hightail it out of town. A chance encounter with a former Green Beret may be the only thing that keeps her alive.Former military man turned Florida ranch hand, Elias Covington knows what it means to put his life on the line for others. The second he meets Reya, he knows she’s in danger—and he’ll do anything to save her. Enlisting Sunset Security is his best bet, but protecting a woman and falling for her should never go hand-in-hand.

Kindle: https://amzn.to/3yliFxo

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