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Officer Collins Sutton can take care of herself...

Returning to Inverness was never part of the plan, but after the death of their mother, she's home to help care for her disabled brother. As she finds her footing being back in her hometown her path crosses with the new guy in town. Sexy, mysterious and not swayed by her usual brush off... Inverness might not be big enough for both of them.


Boxer Keegan "The Punisher" Ranger was once the light heavyweight champion of the world but he lost his passion for fighting when his mentor died. Now he's focusing on building his new gym... and life. After taking verbal blows from Officer Sutton, the sassy redheaded sister of his new gym helper, he realizes something might finally be worth fighting for again.


Collins isn't convinced that Keegan is the good guy everyone else in town thinks he is and moves in for a better look. As much as his dark eyes and wicked smile are a warning bell she draws closer to him. However, when he betrays the most important person in her life he just might lose his shot at being the only contender for her heart.

***Contender was previously published part of K. Bromberg's Everyday Heroes Worlds project.


Cocky Veteran - After losing his parents as a child, family is everything to Air Force Veteran Farris Pearsal. Returning home to Florida, he’s looking to settle down and hopefully have a family of his own. First he has to figure out life as a civilian. His brother wants him to work for Sunset Security, but he’s determined to earn his own way. A curvy waitress who turns his world upside down wasn’t in the plans.  


Between cleaning up the mess her crazy ex left and taking care of her ailing father, Toni Armstrong is struggling to keep her head above water. Her father is battling dementia and has no memory of losing everything when the FBI seized their business, but Toni lives with the fallout. She wants to let Farris in but doesn’t know how.


They both have baggage.


Maybe together they can have it all.






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